Man Alive

Man Alive (2010) front coverMan Alive (2010) front cover

30 August 2010
Geffen/Polydor/Vinyl Junkie
CD, 12” vinyl, digital download


  1. MY KZ, UR BF
  2. QWERTY Finger
  3. Schoolin'
  4. Leave the Engine Room
  5. Final Form
  6. Photoshop Handsome
  7. Two for Nero
  8. Suffragette Suffragette
  9. Come Alive Diana
  10. NASA Is on Your Side
  11. Tin (The Manhole)
  12. Weights

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Written by:
Jonathan Higgs
Michael Spearman
Jeremy Pritchard
Alex Robertshaw (tracks 2-12)
Alex Niven (tracks 1, 2, 6, 8, 10 and 12)

Alex Bushby - Mixing
Paul Cecil - Photography
Childbirth - Engineer/Producer
John Davis - Mastering
Mark Eastwood - Assistant engineer
Duncan Ellis - Management
Laurent Geslin - Photography
Mo Hausler - Editing
David Kosten - Engineer/Mixing/Producer
Lexxx - Engineer
Daniel Rejmer - Engineer
Matt Roberts - Trumpet (track 9)
Charles Robertshaw - Saxophone (track 3)
David Wrench - Engineer
Tappin Gofton - Design/Digital imaging



Geffen Records 2733978 - CD
Polydor 2758306 - 12" vinyl (17 January 2011)


Vinyl Junkie Recordings VJR-3102 - CD

About the album - some words by a fan

Everything Everything's debut album Man Alive was released on 30th of August 2010. Produced by David Kosten, recording took place over a number of weeks, alternating between the countryside of Bryn Derwen, north Wales, and London.

Opening with the leading single, jerky R'n'B popslice MY KZ, UR BF, and ending with the clamouring finality of Weights, Man Alive brings together tracks that span two years of writing and touring in a challenging flow of styles and influences that switch from track to track, minute to minute.
"As a document of the past two years of the band I think it’s exactly what we wanted it to be." says bassist Jeremy. "There’s very little in the way of compromise of what we wanted, none in fact. We’re very proud of it." 1

Previous singles Suffragette Suffragette and Photoshop Handsome make an appearance, re-recorded with Kosten to capture a looser, live feel. Familiar MySpace stalwarts like the cantering Come Alive Diana are almost unrecognisable, pulled apart and sliced together a different animal, while Tin (The Manhole) and Two for Nero transfer practically unchanged from bedroom demos. Stand-out track Final Form marks a new direction in its understated, atmospheric thrum - complete with a chorus collaboratively written in the studio.
"A lot of these songs I've sort of dictated," says main songwriter Jonathan on the subject of Final Form, "it's a really good feeling when I listen back to that and just think, 'we really did that as a group, as a band' .. and that was the newest thing we did, as well, so it's looking forward to the future."

Man Alive, however, finds its heart in Tin (The Manhole), a sparse and intimate song about a lonely urban fox and the relationship between the chaos of humankind and nature, a theme recurrent in Jonathan's much-discussed, often complex lyrics. Of the album cover, Jeremy says:
"The idea is just the juxtaposition of the natural world with the entirely fake digital world. The fox itself is kind of like that too; a rural animal that has, like (and because of) humans, evolved and modernised, They’ve adapted and come to live in the cities." 2

Man Alive was received by critics with elation, bafflement, hope and annoyance, a sometimes difficult debut with no room for indifference. Undeniably, though, those that found something to embrace in this album found something very special indeed.

Xfm X-Posure, 1st September 2010

If you want to know more, Jonathan and Alex gave a thorough insight into the making of the album and the themes involved in this hour long interview with John Kennedy on Xfm. Listen to it here.

xposure-20100901 by EvEvEv

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