Tin (The Manhole)

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I’ll be the fox by the road I am, enormous & evolved. A predatory mass, in the dark I am unseen
Me dripping oil from my tail & my, eyes are through the fumes; yellow as the arc of imagined LEDs.

I leave a path in the snow little, rainbow diesel paws, I devour the smoke that erupts from all exhaust.
I make a dash for the median, there’s a banshee searing past, and everything is light and it’s noise and I reach the grass.

My eyes are wide & my teeth dropping, straight out of my skull, they clatter on the road anatomically displayed.
I am as lithe as a vine as I, whisper up the verge, and I am almost up to the shoulders of a horse.

Little Sea Anemone, pool of rocks, why’d you see, an enemy I cannot? Could there be, a more heavenly artifact? As pure as that?

I sleep a while in the dark of a, warehouse by the sea, I am now as giant as the sun I used to love.
My limbs are shoots springing forth I am, impossible and black, and I can feel the gravity rushing into me.

I feel a pull on my fur and a, a hundred tiny hands, and I can feel the men and the women clamber on.
They will embrace me tonight as a, a father and a son, and I will carry homo-sapiens through the night.

I can not imagine the things they did to you.

I can not imagine the way it feels for you.

I can feel the gravity rushing into me.

I am but a hole in the fabric of the scene.

I was but a drop in the ocean all along.