04 February 2013

Cough Cough US EP + dates

There’s a new release on February 5th in the form of an EP for the US, leading the full album later in the year. The Cough Cough EP has six tracks and will be released on Julian Casablancas’ label Cult Records under Kemosabe Records. Says Casablancas; “I’m honored to be associated with such a talented, mind bending, modern band.”


  1. Cough Cough
  2. MY KZ, UR BF
  3. Kemosabe (LP version)
  4. Undrowned
  5. Torso of the Week
  6. Cough Cough (Cats Hero remix)

You might know Cats Hero from his competition-winning Final Form remix.

There are also two US live dates in LA and NY, and EE have been announced for SXSW as well as UK festival dates. Check our gigs page for full tour info!

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By Frankie

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